Making a Complaint to a Licensed Business

Persons with complaints about the products and/or services of licensed businesses should first contact these businesses to discuss their compliant and provide the businesses with an opportunity to rectify the matter.

While making a complaint, keep written records of all information sent to and received from the licensed business. If calls were made note the names of the persons spoken to and the matters discussed.

Making a Complaint to the Commission

If unable to resolve your complaint during a reasonable time, or you believe a law was breached you may submit a written compliant to the Commissioner who will raise the issue with the licensed business. Please note the Commission will not address anonymous complaints. Complaints should be sent to the Commissioner at the following address:

The Financial Services Authority of Honduras
ATTN: Complaints
PO Box: 2119
Tegucigalpa MDC
Honduras, C.A.
Tel: (504) 2132-5694
Fax: (504) 2132-5699

All complaints will be handled professionally and expeditiously in keeping with our regulatory and supervisory responsibilities, and commitment to service.

The FSA will investigate breaches of the relevant Acts related to your complaint and ensure proper legislative compliance.

The FSA cannot represent you on arbitrary matters or contractual obligations between a complainant and license holder. These matters are best dealt with via the judicial system.

The FSA will inform you upon completion of our investigations if the issue is within its jurisdiction.